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Babbling Brook

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BrainWave Wizard:™ Deep, Restful Sleep

»Relax your mind for a quality night of sleep
»Slow down your busy mind chatter
»Banish the thoughts that keep you awake

BrainWave Wizard:™ Deep, Restful Sleep program uses Delta waves subtly imbued into your own personalised audio to quieten your mind to the point of undisturbed sleep. You don’t need to listen to any instructions; the Delta waves do it all. At the start of your session your mind will be alert in Beta state from the activities of the day, but as the session progresses you will sink down through the relaxation of Alpha and Theta until eventually you achieve the sleepy depths of Delta state.

The versatility of this program makes it ideal for any time you need undisturbed, deep sleep. Use it when you are away from the familiarity of home, or even for a simple power nap during daylight hours. Delta Brainwave Therapy washes away the mental fog that affects everyone occasionally by leveling out the amount of sodium and potassium released in the brain. Just a short session is enough to make you feel refreshed and alert once again.