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BrainWave Wizard:™ Fountain of Youth

»Connect with your higher state of awareness through meditation
»Bring insight and clarity to your life
»Reduce your anxiety levels
»Lead a stress-free existence

Is father time catching up with you? We all have to eventually face the inevitable, we will get old. Aging can lead to an array of problems, mentally & physically. Stress, over time, hastens the aging process. Fortunately, there are many things we can do to negate these effects.

The delta brainwaves delivered behind your customized BrainWave Wizard:™ Fountain of Youth entrainment audio have the potential to neutralize stress, and in turn, boost powerful anti-aging chemicals like DHEA. Those with low levels of this super-important hormone tend to have a greater likelihood of osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, depression, poor memory & more.

Spending a short amount of time every day in meditation has also been shown to boost human growth hormone levels, a major contributor to the aging process. The body’s diminishing supply of HGH causes frailty, weak bone strength, reduced muscle mass, more fat, weakening heart strength, among many other things. With a healthy supply of these vital chemicals, it might be possible to slow down the aging process dramatically. Delta brainwaves just might be the mythical fountain of youth. Are you ready to dive in?