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Relaxing Rainfall
Ocean Waves
Whispering Wind
Babbling Brook

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BrainWave Wizard:™ Limitless Creativity

»Bring your creativity to life and the forefront of your mind
»Increase your thought awareness
»Improve your overall mood

The subtle Alpha waves infused into the audio of the BrainWave Wizard:™ Limitless Creativity program work on the functioning brain in several ways. Firstly, they reduce the stress and anxiety you feel as a part of everyday life by decreasing the cortisol levels within the brain. Then, as a result of your reduced stress levels you experience an increase in your thought awareness, your creativity, inspiration, and ultimately- your overall mood. Alpha waves are also responsible for the production of melatonin which is vital for quality sleep, improved overall health and a strong immune system. When these three elements are integrated your creativity multiplies.

Regular use of the BrainWave Wizard:™ Limitless Creativity program will result in better cognitive functioning, increased creativity, optimism, mood enhancement, leading to a more intuitive nature. If you have a need for creativity during your daily routine then you need to stimulate your Alpha waves, and this program is the ideal way.