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Relaxing Rainfall

Ocean Waves

Whispering Wind

Babbling Brook


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BrainWave Wizard:™ Maximum Meditation

»Connect with your higher state of awareness through meditation
»Bring insight and clarity to your life
»Reduce your anxiety levels
»Lead a stress-free existence

Many people attempt to subdue the activities of their mind through meditation but without professional guidance a true meditative state can be difficult to achieve. You may have tried yourself, probably with mixed results. BrainWave Wizard:™ Maximum Meditation is a program designed to help you achieve a state of deep meditation, complete relaxation and inner spirituality without the need for strict levels of discipline.

Within minutes of starting each session you will experience a release of all tension you hold within your body. Your mind will then relax and your anxieties will be left behind. Your stress will fade away as your mind opens and becomes truly awake. Your meditative state will come as a result of several brainwave frequencies working in harmony (Alpha, Theta, & Delta), allowing your energy to flow freely around both body and mind. At the culmination of your 30 minute session your mind will feel refreshed and alert while your body remains free of all tensions.