Step 1: Choose 1 Nature Background

Relaxing Rainfall
Ocean Waves
Whispering Wind
Babbling Brook

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BrainWave Wizard:™ Relaxation & Tranquility

»Relax your mind and body
»Release the tension and stress of everyday life
»Increase your inbuilt levels of creativity

Life in today’s society can be demanding, stressful and tiring. Your conscious mind is always alert, making it difficult to relax into a peaceful state of existence. The BrainWave Wizard:™ Relaxation & Tranquility program stimulates soothing Alpha brainwaves within your brain, giving you a feeling of euphoria while allowing you to forget the needs of the world.

The Alpha State that you experience with this program is the most relaxing state your mind can achieve without entering deep meditation. Your stresses, both emotional and physical, will fade away as the cortisol levels within your brain diminish. Over time, you will see an improvement in the functioning of your immune system and the negative effects associated with stress and anxiety will become reduced. Your Alpha state will also aid the functioning of your brain, stimulating it to produce melatonin which in turn will greatly improve your ability to sleep well throughout the night.