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BrainWave Wizard:™ Schumann Resonance

»First discovered by Nikola Tesla in 1899, the Schumann Resonance has been tested & published numerous times over the years
»The earth has its own biomagnetic field complete with healthy, normal frequency patterns and electrical structures with the frequency of 7.83 Hz
»Test have shown that this frequency has amazing effects on human tissue, moods, brain function, & consciousness

It could be said that electricity – the creation, conduction, and absorption of such – is what makes our world go round and forms the basis of life as we know it. Electrical impulses are behind our heartbeats and the basic neurological functions that formulate our thoughts, emotions, and motivations. Electrical impulses are also what cause our muscles to function. We wouldn’t even be able to take a single step or flex our fingers without them.

However, electrical impulses and electromagnetic fields aren’t just limited to human and animal biological structures. The earth has its own biomagnetic field complete with healthy, normal frequency patterns and electrical structures. Since human beings are of the earth, we were born to live and function in sync with the natural rhythms put forth by its energy field. In fact, many experts believe that the Earth’s natural frequencies surround and protect us from harm. The resulting effect is known as Schumann resonance, first discovered by famed inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla in 1899.

Research and clinical studies that look into the effects of a proper connection to the Schumann resonance effect have shown that living tissue – such as that found in our own brains and bodies – increases in overall health when exposed. The same connection greatly reduces the likelihood of developing certain serious ailments. Immune systems, moods, and brain function were bolstered significantly through proper exposure. However, lack of exposure to natural electrical fields resulted in increased occurrences of Alzheimer’s, cancer, infertility, other reproductive disorders, and the flare-up of chronic conditions like arthritis or lupus. The determined optimal frequency threshold was determined to be 7.83 Hz – no higher and no lower.